( Thank you to everyone who snagged a Tailgate, and everyone’s who’s given them love! I hope to make more in the future, after perhaps trying out some different characters! C: )

MTMTE Tailgate Plushie Sale Info:


How Many?: The three plushies pictured above will be for sale individually.

Where?: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeeAreBee

Cost?: $75 USD each plus shipping fees.


- Within the US; $10. Sent via USPS Priority Mail

- International; $18. Sent via USPS First Class International

About the Plushies:

- Each Tailgate is made of soft, white and blue minky fabric, with jointed arms for poseability. They were made with a combination of machine and hand stitching, and lots of love! In line with his character, Tailgate needs a wee bit of help sitting up on his own (CYCLONUS).

Each one measures roughly 10” total height, and 7” sitting down. Due to the handmade nature of these plushies, they are not recommended for small children, and should be handled with love (though, like all Transformers, a healthy dose of adventure is a must :D). 

Note: While each of these plushies is perfectly loveable, it should be noted that Tailgate A’s head is slightly different than the other two, being a bit shorter on top (due to a different pattern used). There is nothing wrong with him, and some people may prefer this, but it is something I wanted to point out! C:

ALSO! I’ve seen a good number of comments regarding my prices. While this may be a bit disheartening (for me as well ToT ), please note that quality materials, time, and love goes into everything I make. While they may not be “cheap”, they are already priced below the general standard for handmade goods. BUT, with that being said, I am a people-pleaser by nature, so as my gift to you fine folks I am offering up this temporary coupon code that may be used on your purchase; BAMBLYISACHUBBYBABE . It is good for $10 off your purchase. C:

This post may be updated with the answers to any asked questions between now and the time of sale, should they come up.

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